The magic of clay and fire, turning, finishing and letting dry, defines the rhythm of our potters.  Ceramics has always been D&M's great passion.


Design is deeply ingrained with us. We therefore develop unique elements mainly in ceramics, but also in fiberstone, wood, concrete and reed.


We nurture a creative eco-vision. Sustainable business and ecologically responsible production is the foundation of our thoroughgoing expertise.


With these years of experience in the business, we are happy to help you with all your questions regarding our products and services.
In June, our showroom doors will open.
We would like to invite you to be the first to see our latest collections.
This season our designers have focused on further developing sustainable materials such as recycled ceramics and paper clay.

Our representatives can't wait to show you the latest collections!
Be sure to stop by and reserve your time slot early (no obligation)!


D&M is always looking for innovative and sustainable materials.
The unique raw finish of CICLE is the result of sculpting with a mix of 70% recycled ceramics and 30% new clay used as a binder.

This sustainable and artisanal production method is innovative and helps transform ceramic waste into a beautiful pot collection.

D&M has won the 'Salute to Excellence Awards' with this collection (in June 2022). Presented by PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association).


Inspire. That's what we've been doing, since D&M started in 1992.
We put a strong emphasis on design. We develop our flower and plant pots,
which form the heart of our brand, with the greatest care, in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Today, the D&M range - for indoors and outdoors - includes more than 1,500 high-quality products.
Thanks to our special focus on innovation in material, design and sustainability, each season we are able to present decorative items with a unique and timeless character.

Future-oriented thinking and innovation, that is our great strength for 30 years.
We design new products in our own workshop.  The quality is always central: it must be excellent. We have our own people on site who closely monitor production and quality control at the 90 different production sites in Europe and Asia.


Can't make it to our place due to circumstances?
No problem! We got your back.

We created a brand new virtual 3D showroom tour.
Shop your D&M products directly using this virtual tour!
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Twice a year, D&M presents its newest collection at open days and international fairs.
From all over the world, florists, garden centers, wholesalers and decoration specialists find their way to our inspiring stands. The D&M team is ready to inform you about the latest design collections.
We guide you in making the best choice for your business and customers.


D&M is proud to present a new seasonal collection twice a year. Each season we have collections that are powerful because of their timeless nature. We call these timeless bestsellers "GREATEST."  This selection of well run items will remain in stock in larger quantities for several seasons.  —  View our greatest collection here.


Each season, D&M has a few items in the collection that are very unique because of their design or function. We call this limited assortment "OBJECT." Are you looking for rare items that are only available in limited editions? Discover the purity and craftsmanship in our "OBJECT" range.