Design is deeply ingrained in us, as is our love of nature.
We therefore develop unique elements, mainly in ceramic, wood, reed or glass.
Interior objects that offer you the chance to infuse your interior with green.
Whether you live in the countryside or in a modern city studio where every square centimeter counts.
We also like to add a dash of design to outdoor settings, from your garden to your terrace.
Pottery is our nature. It is what fascinates us, what fuels our curiosity.
In each design we look for the perfect balance between flowers, plants and interiors.
So every day we design new pieces that are not tied to a location or atmosphere.
Our designs combine flowers, plants and pots that fill your home and garden with greenery, no matter the season.
Twice a year we package our inspiration in timeless collections with an authentic feel.
We prefer to use natural materials that you can endlessly combine.

We provide a wide variety in the series itself and thus purify different themes each time,
so that you always find the perfect match for your interior.
D&M Deco is a Belgian company that was founded in 1992, so for our designs we can fall back on a thorough expertise in the field of textures, techniques and materials. Today, we are at the forefront of trends and developments in the sector and are always looking for sustainable materials and production processes.
From photography to design to boutique styling:
our young creative team puts its very own D&M stamp on every space - including yours.