D&M launches dynamic coral as one of the key colors for the SS 2022 collection.
This color radiates both energy and warmth at the same time.
It fits the spirit of the times in which we feel a renewed energy to start discovering new things.
Combined with warm natural tones, we create an ethnic, warm vibe.

Living in a world of lockdowns forced us to return to basics, to nature.
People went for walks in the woods and enjoyed flowers and plants.
We draw energy from nature but, in 2022, we are once again combining this with a world in constant evolution.
In other words, we need optimistic grassgreen in the middle of modern grey and vice versa.

Spring 2022 is one of renewal.
We want to start Spring 2022 in a fresh, promising way.
A soft color in combination with a hue that stands for renewal gives a beautiful harmony.
D&M chooses the unique color: soft pistache.
This color tone gets a very fresh image in combination with stylish cream.

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